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TwoGether Game Studios

Get ready for a wild ride in DECEPTUS, the ultimate multiplayer Arena shooter. Play against  8 players on any device - PC, consoles, mobile - and experience true cross play (PC version will be released first, followed by iOS and Android). Choose amongst 9 unique characters, each with their own backstory, abilities and weapons, as you fight to survive and collect death coins.


Unlock powerful power-up cosmetics, new levels, and characters as you master the art of staying absolutely still during the red light frenzy while still aiming and shooting, throwing grenades, and wielding a knife.


Outsmart your opponents with secret hacks and rise to the top of the leaderboard. Join the ranks of elite players in Deceptus and experience non-stop action and endless possibilities.


Created by a "Gamedev" father and his daughter.



Meet the characters and their stats

Visiting from the vast Cygnus galaxy somewhere. Here to  eradicate everyone but also to investigate what is so special about Wagyu beef. 



The alien with a mission

Health 130
Move Speed 45
Starting Weapon - Laser Gun

Straight from the mental hospital that really enjoys destroying everything in her path, always smiling. Ow, and she loves candy! 



The girl you should watch out for

Health 120
Move Speed 52
Starting Weapon - Bazooka

Died as teddy bear, now resurrected looking for prey to hunt. He looks surprised when seeing bananas. 



The hungry bear

Health 150
Move Speed 50
Starting Weapon - Bazooka

Professional hitman! Great accuracy and a thirst for blood and loves headshots! Doesn´t eat normal food, only consumes the corpses of his victims.



The bounty hunter out for your coins

Health 90
Move Speed 52
Starting Weapon - Sniper

Cute but deadly little T-rex that lost his arms in battle and he is now looking for them, not knowing that Poppy ate them thinking they were candy. 



The angry dinosaur T - Rex

Health 120
Move Speed 45
Starting Weapon - SMG

The lost astronaut with space sickness, thinking he is a time traveller. Just here for fun of killing, no emotions attached. 



The strong astronaut that loves to bounce

Health 140
Move Speed 40
Starting Weapon - SMG

From the world of undead with hard crispy skin - hard to kill but slower than the rest. Likes flesh, but enjoys occasional garlic bread.



The zombie that wants to live

Health 150
Move Speed 40
Starting Weapon - Revolver

Dead cold killer, this pink soldier will chase you until one of you dies. He is really into triangles for some reason.



Pink soldier that has no mercy

Health 120
Move Speed 50
Starting Weapon - Rifle

Froggy may be loving, but shoot at it and it will leap close to you and slash you in half before you can say iowuerfn283



The froggy spreading love to everyone

Health 110
Move Speed 52
Starting Weapon - Bazooka

More characters coming...

More characters coming...




Damage: 18

Rate Of Fire: 6,0

Starting Ammo: 19

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1



Damage: 30

Rate Of Fire: 4,0

Starting Ammo: 19

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1

rifle 1.png


Damage: 13

Rate Of Fire: 8,0

Starting Ammo: 40

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1


Rocket Launcher

Damage: 120

Rate Of Fire: 2,0

Starting Ammo: 6

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1



Damage: 13

Rate Of Fire: 0,9

Starting Ammo: 12

Number of Projectiles per shot: 8



Damage: 8

Rate Of Fire: 15,0

Starting Ammo: 60

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1



Damage: 120

Rate Of Fire: 0,8

Starting Ammo: 7

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1


Laser Gun

Damage: 11

Rate Of Fire: 12

Starting Ammo: 50

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1


Mini Gun

Damage: 5

Rate Of Fire: 30

Starting Ammo: 100

Number of Projectiles per shot: 3


Hoaming Launcher

Damage: 130

Rate Of Fire: 2

Starting Ammo: 8

Number of Projectiles per shot: 1



All players will also have 4 starting greandes to throw that will cause 150 Damage and bounce around a bit. 

More coming soon..

We are creating more weapons which will be included in the final release of the game.

About Twogether Studios

Making games we want to play

We are currently working on releasing our first game called DECEPTUS, inspired by an 8-year old rich imagination, the popular series The Squid Games and other popular games like Among Us, Towerfall Ascension. Our beta phase is now closed but stay tuned and visit our Steam Wishlist page and links to iOS and Google Playstore soon.

  • When will the game be released?
    As with all indie games - we will try hard to maintain current deadline and release the game on 17th January. First we will release it on Steam, followed by iOS and Android 3 weeks later.
  • Which platforms will the game be released on?
    The Deceptus game will be released on PC (Steam) initially, followed by iOS, Android 3 weeks later. Then if game is successful we will release on Playstation and Xbox so that all players will be able to join and play against each other no matter which console or platform you are on! Have you played a game on your phone against someone on Playstation? You will be able to do that on Deceptus.
  • What content will be in the final release?
    We will include 10 maps and 8 playable characters. 5 of the maps and 5 characters will be unlocked from start. The rest, you will have to kill other players for as they will drop one coin every one time which can be picked up by anyone. So it is a race to pick up the dead coins as well. The coins can then be used to unlock additional maps, characters and cosmetics for your character.
  • What cosmetic items will you have?
    We will start off with hat accessories and also add glasses, body outfits, headsets and other cool looking cosmetics that players can unlock using in-game coins for killing other players.
  • Will you have Power ups in the game?
    Ow yea! Absolutely! There will be various crazy cosmetic items that players can equip which will grant them different boosts - like more life, fast run speed, more start-up grenades, higher jumps and tons more. Find you which one suits your play style and perhaps you will find the green awesome gamer headset cosmetic as an awesome power up, or why not the heart-shaped sunglasses?
  • How often are there updates to the game?
    The beta updates are now closed. The main game will be updated every week on Mondays and constant new features will be added depending on the games success.

Stay in touch with our release and important info

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